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Our inspiration comes from understanding pain factors, and how we can architect a solution using a thoughtful blend of design and technology.

We started architechs with collection of pain factors of our own, and our very first solution, app for networking events, will be launching soon.

We love working with brands and companies that share our passion for creating solutions through design and development. Check out our services.

Products and Platforms

By combining the power of design and technology, we want to build products and platforms that make our day-to-day lives better, clutter-free, simpler.

Device Mockup - PlusEvents Login and Das


Be it websites, web apps, mobile apps, or interfaces that only company employees will ever get to see such as admin panels, and dashboards. There is no reason those cannot be designed properly as well. 

Networking Events

As a startup, networking with people has been crucial to our growth and survival. It taught us the importance of connecting with people on a much deeper level.

We started hosting our own events to spread our passion.

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