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Discover. Connect. Engage

Find the right people and make meaningful connections at networking events.


Pain Factors.

Attending lots of networking events, we encountered a few of pain factors of our own. 

Warming up.
For many of us, approaching random strangers can be intimidating at first. It takes a couple of chit chat (and perhaps a drink or two), to get into the rhythm shuffling through everyone there.

Who’s who?
As a start-up, an established business, a sales representative, or someone wanting to take a leap into entrepreneurship, we are all looking for meeting people most important to us; to match our purpose of visit. But it is hard to know who’s who; what professional skills they have to offer, or perhaps a personal interest that you can bond over.

Time is money.
Most events have an entry fee, and even the free events require you to take some time out of your busy day, so it only makes sense that you try to make the most of it. Trying to meet as many people as possible can be tiring, and it can take the fun out of it.

Connecting the dots.
After collecting a stack of business cards, you now have to go back and decipher who it was that you spoke to and about what. While writing them an email you might have to even reintroduce yourself to help jog their memory.

Ugh. Let’s fix this.


Introducing Plus.Events.

Discover, Connect and Engage.

Pain Factor


Helping you as an attendee make successful connections.

We have developed a simple way of connecting people by understanding everyone’s Professional skills, Personal interest, & the Purpose of visit. Filter in using the curated tagging system.


Innovative way to engage and cut out the clutter.

Using a ‘radar’ button, you get to filter down even closer and see who's literally nearby.

We actually want you to be busy meeting and interacting with your connections in person rather than using this app!


Engage with other attendees on the events feed, join discussions.

Using the same tagging system, ask questions, share thoughts and ideas, and get notified if someone posts something into the feed with one of your professional tags. With live updates, you won’t miss any important messages posted by the event organisers and administrators.


App Features

Plus.Events Secure Login Screen

Secure Login

One-time-password (OTP) invitation codes are sent to individual attendees within a given event. Additionally, if a user tries to login using another phone, the existing session on the first phone automatically logs out, requiring the user to enter a newly sent OTP for a fresh login on the new phone. This prevent multiple phones for a single profile.

App Features

Skills Tags

Filter in using the curated tagging system, a simple way for connecting people with 3 P's: Professional skills, Personal interest, & their Purpose of visit.


Plus.Events Skills Tags
Plus.Events Events Feed

Event Feed

See what is going on at the event, join discussions, post questions and link Skills Tags to engage with everyone at the event.

Get notified if one of your Skills Tags were mentioned, and join in the conversation.


Never miss any important updates from event organisers.


With a dedicated Post button, ask a question, share a thought, capture a photo and add an option of watermarks, and post to the

Event Feed. You can also share your post on to your social networks using a simple toggle button.

Plus.Events Feed Post
Plus.Events Programme
Plus.Events Sessions


Checkout the event overview, get in touch with the organisers, and navigate to the venue.

Select a day to get a detailed list of sessions within each day.


Never miss a session you're interested in by a simple swipe gesture to set a reminder 15 minutes prior to the start.


Get to know more about the inspiring speakers present at the event. Read about their backgrounds, and their successes.

Plus.Events Speakers
Plus.Events Peoples


View your matches in a clean grid view, and productively work through the list; discard them from the result or send a connection request. You can always refresh the list to review or hit the search icon and search for other Skills Tags.

Using the ‘radar’ button, filter down even closer, literally. Our innovative feature works using your device’s built in Bluetooth antenna to accurately filter people who are within a given radius. Unlike other apps, Plus.Events does not even require GPS or even Google’s Nearby.


We actually want you to be busy meeting and interacting with your connections in person rather than using this app! 


View and swipe back and forth through a carousel of profile cards.

Use QuickLook to glance through profile cards by 3D touch in iOS or long press in Android.

When you find the right match, send a connection request.

Plus.Events Profile Cards
Plus.Events Messaging

In-App Messaging

Chat with your connections directly within Plus.Events, saving you the hassle of shuffling through too many other apps. 

With one click, you can even save all your connections' contact information straight to your phone's address book.

PlusEvents Admin Panel.png

Event Admin


Plus.Events dashboard has rich tools to help you create, and manage your event.

Invite attendees, list speakers,

optimise SkillsTags and schedule the event programme, down to each session.


Enhance the experience by uploading event badges, and most importantly, setting the optimal radius for the radar feature.

Event Admin

Manage Live

Update information at any time such as venues, speakers, and contact information.

Post on to the event feed to notify all attendees of important announcements.

Manage posts and discussions.


Respond to messages from the mobile app.

PlusEvents Admin Panel Event Manager.png

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Plus.Events Legal Information

Plus.Events, the mobile application for Apple iOS and Google Android, as well as a web based admin panel, is a product of Architechs, a design and development firm.

Please visit: Plus.Events Terms of Use and Plus.Events Privacy Policy for legal information specific to Plus.Events.

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